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Thread: Meet the Team!

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    Hi, I'm Strugglingmum or often referred to as SM and I'm hurtling towards 50.

    I'm married and have been for almost 24 years . Like all couples we have our ups and downs but love each other and manage to make it through together, hopefully with a few laughs along the way.
    We have 3 children who are all now young adults!! I swear it was only yesterday they were toddlers and I was longing for them to grow up a bit.

    I trained as a nurse at 18 and have been a nurse all my adult life until i became ill 4 years ago. I loved my career and do miss it a lot.

    I started to struggle with my mental health 4 years ago after the death of my mother 1.5yrs previous. I had a complete mental collapse and was initially diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I was unresponsive to a lot of meds and it took along time to find anything that seemed to help at all. At a time there was a lot of disagreement with my diagnosis and it felt like someone had given me a mental health bingo card for me to collect diagnosis.
    Anyway, I now know I have PTSD due to childhood trauma and associated depression.

    I enjoy knitting, crochet, swimming and anything outdoorsy. I love spending time with my hubby and kids and I am thankful for their unconditional support over the past few years. I am still in recovery and have accepted I probably won't nurse again but I am retraining in catering and have hope for the future.
    Check out my Calandoniacrochet Facebook page.

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