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Thread: I should probably say hi... *AB TRIGGERS*

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    I should probably say hi... *AB TRIGGERS*


    I'm steph

    I joined in january of 2018, but spent some time lurking before actually feeling ready to post

    I am 31, and have spent my life moving around from place to place, being abused (most of it physyical)

    where I am now is that I've just moved again, and I'm really struggling with past abuse memories- and wanting answers, and wanting people to confront me and tell me why,

    why me... out of all the people you could abuse and hurt, why me.

    I have a lot of emotions because of all this abuse, and a lot of issues.... I've just scratched the surface

    hopefully being here's going to help talk through things and make me feel a little better

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    Hi Steph

    This is a good place and community . I'm sure a grown up will be along in a minute but welcome .

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    Hi and welcome Steph. I've added a trigger warning to your post because of some of the content. It's nothing to worry about, it's just so others can avoid it if they feel it will be a trigger.

    I'm not sure you will ever get the answers to "why?" I still haven't. I find the best thing to do is to learn how to deal with those memories and move past them, counselling can help a huge deal with that, it has me. It might be worth speaking to your gp and seeing if they can direct you to any services.
    Tn prdu, jhami s rcbro

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    I also gave up on getting answers to the "why me" questions - but I was helped massively by an amazing psych years ago who worked with me on moving forward from "victim" to "survivor." It was really specific therapy - maybe there is something near you like that which you could access?
    Have you spoken to your GP about how you are feeling?

    Sorry, welcome to the group. I'm really glad you've managed to post. Well done.

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    Hi Steph and welcome to DWD
    Come on everybody, join in the QUIZ, I need the competition!

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    hi Jaquaia,

    you're probably right, "why", is probably not an answer I'll ever get.

    it's hard to deal with though, because some of the things they did to me was just bad and really not needed.

    you'll have to show me how I can do that trigger code

    sorry for anyone who might have saw this before the trigger was their

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    The trigger warning is easy, just an * AB/SU/SH trigger* - AB - Abuse, SU - Suicide, SH - Self Harm

    No one deserves any form of abuse, ever...

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    Hi and welcome, why is one of those questions that will in reality never get answered sadly,

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