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Thread: Breaking the silence

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    Your son has great taste Suzi! I love Ibanez guitars and have always had one in my collection since I was 16. It sounds like you and your family have a very busy and interesting musical background too. Was is something you were brought up with or just got into?
    I've had a couple of up and down days, thank you for asking. Sunday I got a surprise mothers day visit from my son and his girlfriend, yesterday was pretty low but thankfully I had some work to take my mind away and today I managed to go to a tai chi class (and stay there - even if by the door) which is a massive improvement on last week when I went all the way there and then couldn't even get out of the car. I have also opened all the curtains and windows today. So it's looking like a very good day today!

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    Hi Mike and thank you for the welcome ��

    It certainly makes everything much harder but I think I'm making some slow progress. Some days are better than others. Having things to keep busy with is a huge help though.

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    Well done for tai chi, lovely, that’s awesome!
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    Thai chi sounds awesome, well done!

    I've always played instruments, loved them, love music and my children seem to have the same love!
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