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Thread: Funny embarrassing stories

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    hey paula.

    I did see it earlier in passing, but not had time to look at it yet.

    suzy.... filters I guess. I did type it out, but it obviously won't accept the word

    wee wee

    yep... I drank a bottle of wee

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    One Saturday I went into next to buy a pair of trousers and a t shirt. Anyway the trousers I tried on were too tight and as I bent down in the changing room to pick something up. The trousers split right up the middle. I quickly put trousers back on hanger and left the shop never to return.

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    once, when I tried to make a pizza, I totalyl got the wrong kind of base (actually, scrap that, it was the wrong type of bread)

    when I made it and put it in the oven, all the toppings just came off it and landed in the oven itself


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    I fell about laughing when my sis told me this over the lunch table.

    As a young girl she decide to experiment with having a wee standing up (well boys do), all she did was wet her socks and fill her shoes up so she decided it wasn't a good idea
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    went to have a BBQ at a friends and they had this really spicy chicken

    well, it reacted on me in a really horrible way, and in sted of going home that night I had to ask if I could stay the night, because I had to be on the toilet (glued to it)

    it was too much of a risk trying to drive back.

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    Oh Steph what a nightmare!
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    I had an alergic reaction that caused multiple seizures

    well, we were talking about this, and someone asked me- so where were the seizures?

    I said, oh, they were in the body

    person: no, where in the body were the seizures.

    um, go steph. stating the pure obvious

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    I hate to admit this, but for years I had no idea what the song heartbeat was about

    I'd listen to it and would be like waaaa?. who is what is heartbeat.

    the lyric that really threw me was " why do you miss, when my baby kisses me" and it's finally dawned on me

    heartbeat refers to our heart

    aww come on steph, surely you're not that stupid?

    yesterday was driving somewhere and they were playing the new song havanna

    I miss heard the lyrics and thought it said ravenna

    so I was going round singing my heart is in ravenna, my heart is in ravenna, and people are like.... what's ravenna, and I'm like I don't know- but surely it's important because their's a song about it!

    and people are like steph.... my heart is in havanna, not ravenna


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    Oops lol
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    ooo I remember another one.

    when I was at school, we had a day where the emergency services came to school to show the kids their work- and all that they did

    as part of what was going on, they were teaching some of them CPR (you know, what you do if someone collapses)

    and me.. well I'm like I'll be good at this- steph will nail it

    so I went to learn CPR- and what they had is they had a paramedic person pretended to be the injured patient (none of these dummies or anything, they were really hands on with it)

    well, I ended up totally doing the wrong thing, causing the paramedic to have a nose bleed

    and when he assked, why am I bleeding?

    I'm like uh...... I may have just knocked your face in to the ground

    fortunately I can do CPR now, since that insodent I've revived 2 people

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