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Thread: U.K. Blue Badge Consultation 2018

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    U.K. Blue Badge Consultation 2018

    This was flagged up to me today. The current eligibility criteria for Blue Badge (disabled) parking in the U.K. is being looked at to potentially include people with mental health disabilities that fit the criteria. The consultation is open until 18 March 2018. If you are interested in responding, the link is
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    That’s actually really interesting because with our local council although I am entitled to a free bus pass and radar key I was told I’m not eligible for a blue badge, which I accept cos I don’t have a car and other than emergency stops for the toilet don’t really need one but according to the current criteria stated I am entitled to it. I remember when my Dad got his and he just had to walk into the council office with his walking stick, fill out a form there and then and received his badge a few days later. I guess a lot of people abused the system back then and they had to tighten things up.
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