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Thread: Any 1 on free to talk. Feeling lost.

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    Exactly how I was before going to sleep. tired but can't switch off.

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    That's pretty typical with depression or anxiety. Don't worry, you aren't going nuts. Sleeplessness is very common. When you see your Dr on Monday tell him exactly how you're feeling and don't be embarrassed about it. I'm sure he'll be able to help and set you on the road to recovery. My daughter was 7 when I had my first bout of depression and was worried about me and kept asking me questions. I just reassured her and said I wasn't feeling myself and it wasn't her fault. I have to say that at that time I loved her company and she helped me to come through in her own little way.

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    Never normally wake up so early fell asleep after 12 up at 6. I'm gonna be knackered. I'm hoping my doctor is available. Just glad hubby will have the kids. Xx

    Is it normal for feeling numb and sit staring at things like there not there x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juicylucy View Post
    Is it normal for feeling numb and sit staring at things like there not there x
    Yes, that’s happens. Depression is not just feeling sad, there are a number of other symptoms as you can see here When you see the doctor, it might be worth printing out your posts here so your doc has a clearer idea of your symptoms.

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    Most people will experience things that will differ from someone elses experience. It's not abnormal to feel what you're feeling The important thing is to realise that you aren't a freak! I think when you see your doc. that he/she will put your mind at rest. All of us here know just how you feel so you aren't alone. If you trawl through DWD you'll probably identify with others. A lot of us have been where you are now. So just keep posting. xx

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    My next step is to explain to my 9 year old I'm not a freak and I'm trying to get help from my.own GP. Nothing will stop me from being a mum. An hour and half took me to get up this morning. When will this feeling go away. Finally ate some fruit with the kids this morning. Xx

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    Why is it that I feel like some 1 is ripping my inside up x

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    See if you can get hold of a copy of the little bag of worries story - it's brilliant and how I explained my husbands illnesses to our children. It also then helps them to be able to talk too...

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    I will have a look online. I no inside I am a poorly person. Xx

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