Okay so bare with me here. I'm a 28 year old male who has been extremely unlucky in love my whole life. I will explain the basics or you will be reading this all day.

At the age of 20 I had my first ever real girlfriend and we were together for almost 1 year, one day out of the blue she Cheated on me and I was absolutely devistated. I ended the relationship and we went our separate ways. Then from 20 to the age of 24 I was single, I had very little in the way of flings and just lost all motivation and trust to ever date again.

So at the age of 24 a girl at work suddenly shows an interest me in, makes suggestive comments and even said I should take her for a drive. I wasn't sure about this at first but decided to do it anyway. So long story short 3 weeks later, yes 3 weeks I get accused of abduction, false imprisonment and attempted rape which I didn't do! I'm then on bail for just over a year before being charged. Now I was being tried at court for attempted rape, abdication and false imprisonment and I thought my life was over. Anyway the police made an offer.. Plead guilt to a crime of sexual assault only and its less serious etc etc.

So I had a choice. Plead guilty to sexual assault which I didn't do or go to trail for abduction, false imprisonment and attempted rape? I took the former option as it felt the best outcome in a bad situation. Anyway I received a 7 month prison sentence.. Did the time, left and got my life back in track.

So in mid 2015 I met someone else, purely by accident and we hit it off stupendously. After a few days I told her about the prison sentence and she saw the good in me and we dated. Now she was in the UK on a working visa but intended to apply for a full visa. She had a 2 year old daughter at the time to a non existent father and I bonded with her so well. Eventually we moved in together and from 2015 to 2017 we were together as a family. We did absolutely everything together. She often told me how wonderful I am and how much she loves me and I was so happy to think, wow life has been but this woman is the one. And her kid.. I love them so much and I want this life and for 2 years I was extremely happy.

Anyway in 2017 her visa expired and the government suddenly decide she isn't eligible for another one and had to return back to South africa. I was gutted as I actually love her and her daughter an much.

Becuase of my criminal record now I can't even move there to be with her and her daughter and she can't reapply for a visa her for 5 years! So the dream is over.

She returned home in November and I'm absolutely the saddest /depressed I've ever been in my life. I've taken time off work. I Never go out anymore and I've cried every single day since the day she left.

Before November I honestly thought I'd found the one and life was looking up.

When does it get easier? I don't think I'll ever trust or love anyone as much as her