Thanks Tbh I’m really not sure which is why I have posted on here for advice as this is what’s ots for

and yeah I do feel slightly hurt after all regardless on how someone is feeling the least they can be is polite and honest.

But on the other hand I don’t really know how she’s feeling is know from the past when she not doing well she tends to what her space.

Everyone has their own copying mechanism when dealing with stress feeling bad mine is to seek advice hence why I am on here and then spending a few hours in the gym lifting wieghts as did that last night and again tonight everyone acts differently but then sometime the same

It may also be me as well, after all how would you feel if you were going thru a bad time and your bf or gf accused you of Lying or being dishonest to them, it’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday so I’ll text her later and ask if she’s up for meeting me And that we need to talk about what’s going on between us