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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: Friday 9th January 2018

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    Friday Fab 5's: Friday 9th January 2018

    It's Friday! Woohoo!!!

    So... What 5 or more or less things have made you smile/been positive for you this week?
    Remember - no negativity or I will remove it!

    Mine to get you started.....

    ~ We made it to half term!
    ~ Fun and muddy walk with the puppies
    ~ A lovely chat with Paula!
    ~ Seeing everyone here keep fighting. I'm so proud of you all
    ~ Seeing Hazel in the school final of the "Just Give" project - she was awesome!
    ~ Compliments and a suggested plan from one of the members of staff.

    Your turn!
    Please always remember that I am always right. I have a framed certificate to prove it.

    When in doubt, stop and think... WWSS? (What Would Suzi Say?)
    For more info please see
    THIS thread

    Yup, that's me doing 1/2 hour of exercise every single day in February!

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    Picking up bargains on eBay
    Making stuff
    Fixed my sink problem
    Progress with my shoulder
    Ideas for my garden.

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    I made it through another week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magie06 View Post
    I made it through another week.
    And that is worth at least 10 items on any other week!


    Have had a busy week and survived (actually enjoyed most of it too)
    Fun Quiz Night last Friday, and got to know a few of my fellow trustees a little better
    Jess has had a big thumbs up from the consultant after her op
    The evenings are getting lighter - soon I’ll be able to sit in my garden
    My friend’s grandson, who was born with serious heart defects, is doing brilliantly well and getting strong enough to have his next major ‘replumbing’ op
    Chatting with Suzi
    ‘When all else fails, use glitter instead’

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    Et je m'envole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole. Que d'espérance.
    - My mom and I seem to have reached an agreement and thus more peaceful atmosphere home;
    - I'm a little but happier.

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