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    And more..

    Ice cream or sorbet?
    What flavour?

    Wine or beer?
    Favourite one?

    Chocolate cake or fruit cake?
    Home made or shop bought?
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    Rum and raisin ice cream

    How about wine AND beer lol. Marlborough Sauvignon blanc is really nice are beer his to be Desperados but boy it that stuff potent!

    Again why choose between cake?? Have a slice of both.

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    Cherry garcia Ben and Jerry's. But no one sells it anymore

    Tends to be beer, usually Fosters but I'm a good girl and rarely drink!

    Chocolate cake! Homemade unless it's a really good chocolate fudge cake. The one Stella bought me for my birthday was lush!
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    Raspberry ripple ice cream

    Wine - rose with strawberries marinading in it

    Chocolate. Always chocolate
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