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Thread: Introduction - pslater1972

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    Introduction - pslater1972

    The best way I can think of for introducing myself is to provide access to a blog I wrote.

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    Hi and welcome, itís great to meet you. Feel free to have a wander around the forum and jump in to conversations wherever you feel you can.

    Just FYI, Iíve deleted your other two new threads as they are both duplicates of this one.
    Come on everybody, join in the QUIZ, I need the competition!

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    Hi and welcome. I've approved your post as we don't normally let newbies have web links as we've had so many issues with spammers, but yours reads genuinely so I've approved it.

    Welcome to DWD - have a look around and jump in where you feel comfortable.

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    Hey and welcome.
    It really takes a lot sometimes to say all the things you wrote. You have come to the right place. The support here is simply amazing. It has helped me tons. Like paula said, take a look around. For me, even just reading everything everyday helps a lot.
    "Always Smile, Even When It hurts"

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