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    Coping methods

    Hi I've been going through a lot of awful crap lately that is waaay out of my control, does anyone have any coping methods that have helped you? Like if something is out of your control how do you believe that things will get better if you couldn't have done anything about it.. like what do you tell yourself? I'm on medication but everything is getting too much to bear anyway, any suggestions I'd be very grateful, my counsellor and colleagues tell me I have to do it myself basically but I'm like I need help, I can't do this by myself so it's really hard because they are meant to help... :/ so please someone help me :'/

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    When was the last time you saw your GP? (sorry if you've answered this recently, just it's hard to keep track of so many members both here and the FB group lol)

    Have you ever had CBT?
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    I really struggle with anything that is out of my control too. I try to do everything I can to ensure the best outcome so for example, someone has offered to give you a lift to the hospital for an appointment at 11am. You can’t guarantee they will show up in time but you can drop them a text or call to remind them what time you need to leave and allow a little extra time for traffic. If you’re like me you’ll also have a back up plan of how to get there and the time it takes via other means too covering all the bases. I am a bit obsessive with my safety behaviours but if I know that I’ve done everything I can in a situation that is a slight comfort.

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    I often deal with things poorly, but some days im stronger than others. To help calm myself on those bad days i just try to think about the good things i have in my life. I listen to music a lot as well. Something i have been doing recently is going for a walk when i feel overwhelmed and unable to calm myself down. It works pretty well for the most part.

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