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Thread: A ton of bricks on the brain day.

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    A ton of bricks on the brain day.

    Do you ever have those days were everything is a challenge ? Its taken me until 11.30 to get washed and dressed. The cupboards needed stocking up so off I went to the local supermarket. Mmmmmm it took twenty mins to decide which one I felt able to cope with. After much deliberation I went for one on the retail park. After checking my bank balance I went and bought more paint to add to the other 10 tins waiting to be used. Not sure why I keep doing this . Argh the supermarket was far too crowded, noisy and bright for me. It was almost an over load on the senses. I feel not with it today so hopefully a good sleep might shake off the dreaded gloom. My Victor meldrew mood was in full swing today to the point of cursing out loud in public. Hate days like this . Far too many decisions for me to deal with even to the point of thinking about the best route home so to avoid traffic. Sometimes I can laugh at indecisiveness, call myself potty for not being able to make the simplest decision. Brain fog ! That what it is .

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    Yep! Completely get where you’re coming from. Try to be kind to yourself this evening, lovely
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    I completely agree too!
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