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Thread: Letting it out

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    Letting it out

    Hi, my names frankie

    Dont know where to start really, my brother had severe anxiety where he wouldnt talk with family members and depression. I feel like im following how he acted, i can only talk with one of my family members without it getting weird and me wanting to just go to my room and run away. Each time i enter a room the conversation just stops, i can hear people having fun and laughing, right up until i enter the room, at that point it just gets awkward, my sister wont even Look at me some times. Even with my friends each time i enter the conversation it just stops... I mean i still enjoy spending time with them and hanging out but some times i feel people would like it if i just wasnt there, i know its al just in my head and people have it harder than me which i get told alot, but still i dont know what to do . I hide my ideas and thoughts because i dont want to inconvenience others, not the first time ive used a website to let out my thoughts but just want to see if anyone feels the same or has any advice on what to do.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD. It has nothing to do with anyone having it "harder than you" at all. What is happening to you right now is going to be worse as it's happening to you itms?
    Are you sure that this is actually as it really is, or could it be how you are perceiving them?
    Have you thought about seeing your Dr and getting some help with how you are feeling?

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    Hi and welcome to DWD. We’re a friendly lot here so don’t ever feel you need to hide your ideas and thoughts from us
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