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Thread: I am Groot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula View Post
    I’ve been a good girl this weekend and rested. My brain doesn’t hurt quite as much now . This week is quieter and I’m away next weekend for the church’s women’s weekend.
    That sounds nice Paula, have a great time.
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    Aww Im so chuffed. Just before Christmas I saw my ex husbands sister. We got chatting and said we should go out for coffee. I gave her my mobile no over messenger but heard nothing. Shes texted me this evening wanting to catch up (and explained shes been ill hence no contact). Given I divorced her brother in 1999, its going to be so lovely to see her for more than 2 minutes in passing
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    That sounds like it will be lovely
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    That sounds lovely hunni! I'm really pleased for you!
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