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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: Friday 15th December 2017

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    Friday Fab 5's: Friday 15th December 2017

    Morning everyone!
    It's that time of the week again where we ask the age old time honoured question....

    What 5 things have been good/positive or made you smile this week?

    Remember there is no limit to the number of items you have, and finding fewer than 5 will be just as celebrated.
    No negativity please - this will be removed without warning as this is the only purely positive thread we have running each week.

    So, to get you started these are mine:

    ~ Spending time with my children watching movies
    ~ The lovely forum members here who repeatedly make me smile
    ~ Friendship
    ~ Seeing all the pretty Christmas lights in the houses near me
    ~ Positive hospital and nurses appointments

    Your turn!
    Please always remember that I am always right. I have a framed certificate to prove it.

    When in doubt, stop and think... WWSS? (What Would Suzi Say?)
    For more info please see
    THIS thread

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    1. Very positive GP visit this week.
    2. The show that the children put on. Brought me to tears.
    3. Snowball fight with Aisling.
    4. The straightest (pun intended) snowman on the street.
    5. Getting everything in order for Christmas.

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    Finally got max to the vet.
    Received a few compliments.
    Got my MR sorted - thanks Paula and Suzi.
    Survived GP and hospital appointments.
    Can’t tell you the last one cos it’s a secret lol

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    - had a long overdue pedicure, have now got bright red, sparkly toes for Christmas!
    - passed DVLA requested opticians appointment with flying colours
    - compliments from my hubby
    - getting my hair done today. Can’t wait to get rid of the grey roots
    - Last but by no means least, Jess’s surgery went well and she’s recovering well
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    • Lunch at the Old Boat house with my sister and her hubby.
    • I stupendous Custard Club Xmas lunch with lots of fun (bingo )
    • Bridge on Thursday me and my partner won a rubber.
    • Playing Atelier Firis.
    • A nice walk to pick up my meds and lunch at the White Horse today (Friday).
    • Seeing an inflateable Santa in a garden and being reminded of the inflateable autopilot in the movie Airplane (can't stop sniggering like an adolescent schoolboy)
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