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Thread: Losing weight and lithium

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    I'm not doing so well. I'm back at work really busy and so tired. I felt unwell at lunchtime and thought my blood glucose level would be low. I did it before I had my meal and it was 8 which is quite high. I'm going to take the blood glucose monitor to work and test my blood at lunchtime. It is very confusing.
    On a positive note the 'new job' people have been in touch today. Interview is on the 12th

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    I have a GP appointment booked but it isn't until 24th January. I thought that the low blood sugar was food related so if I up my carbohydrates and eat something sugary when I feel headachy and weak then all would be well? I have been having the signs of low blood sugar and ignoring them. Losing a lot of weight hasn't helped either.

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    Well done on getting that interview!
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    Congratulations on the interview!!
    No chance of an earlier appointment?
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