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Thread: suggestion: merge the general forums

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    suggestion: merge the general forums


    I have a suggestion.

    okay so

    each of the forums are split in to categories- so you got your general, other, passific advice, etc.

    my idea is to somehow merge the fun and games forum with the general chit chat forum

    right now, the general chit chat forum is under general, and fun and games is under other

    but to me, stuff that can be discussed in fun and games fall under general too.

    other forums in the other section, such as useful websites, and depression in the media- I get, they don't fit in with the other categories, that's why they are their

    but if we just moved fun and games to general (it does not even have to be a subforum), wouldn't it make more sense?


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    I say nothing!

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    It's definitely a suggestion. It's not one I am particularly keen on tbh as it makes it easier to mod in a hurry if necessary.. It then also makes the general category huge and it's easier to signpost someone to a specific category or forum area to help with distraction/games etc...
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