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Thread: ask the oracle

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    Because we rarely have snow, our infrastructure is not set up to cope - the funds are used elsewhere, in theory

    Why are angels on top of the tree always p*ssed?
    ‘When all else fails, use glitter instead’

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    Cos they got into the Christmas spirit, hic.

    Who is gonna win SPOTY on Sunday?

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    Not me!

    Why is it we still have no snow, but are now dealing with localised flooding???????
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    Yup, that's me doing 1/2 hour of exercise every single day in February!

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    because the weather is so unpredictable

    says one thing then does another
    why are their so many fans of justin bieber

    he's not all that really

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    I’m sorry there is no answer to that question but im betting his US fans all voted Trump too lol

    Why do modern cars have so many unnecessary gadgets these days?

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    because as technology advances, so do cars- and cars have all the latest technology because it's just how the world works. lol
    why is london the capital of england. why not say newcastle, or liverpool or manchester

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    London hasn’t always been the capital. Winchester, Oxford and Colchester have all been capital of England. I’m sure there are others too. I’m not 100% sure but I think the Romans first made London the capital city.

    Why do the clocks go back and forward an hour?

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    The clocks change in the summer and winter as an energy saving measure introduced during the war. I think there is more to it regarding the farmers needing the most natural light for their animals or something but I'm not entirely sure.

    Why does a 50 pound note only last as long as a twenty pound note would last a few years ago?

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