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Thread: ask the oracle

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    ask the oracle

    it's time to....

    ask the oracle

    ask a question, and get a straight (or funny) answer

    that answer depends on how the below poster wants to respond


    why can't christmas be in summer in the UK

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    Can Santa coming down the chimney in a mankini and shades is something the world ain’t ready to see

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    andn ow it's your turn to ask a question.

    lol... I love your answer, too!

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    Why are soft drinks so expensive in pubs?

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    To make you buy beer instead!

    Why is my pond still losing water?

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    Cos the neighbours are syphoning it off for their new frog bathing venture.

    Why do we celebrate Christmas on 25th December?

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    because... it's close enough to the end of the year for it to be celebrated, but not so close that we're rushing to start new year

    (I always thought halloween, christmas, bon fire night) they were little insentives put at the end of the year for those of us who perhaps have had a tough time

    nice thought..

    why do toasters have a setting to burn the toast, when no one (probably), would eat it?

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    Because most of these type of devices work best at the medium setting. Therefore most people will set them mid-way.

    Why are TV's so narrow now when they used to be so fat?

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    Technology has moved on and the components on an lcd screen tv are considerably smaller that the old tube TVs. There are now TVs which are less than 5mm in depth!

    Why do people judge Christmas gifts based on money spent rather than the thought behind that gift?

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    Because they are basing their thoughts on completely the wrong things.

    Why is Debbie Magee being consistently over marked in Strictly?

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