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Thread: Starting to feel depressed again

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    Question Starting to feel depressed again

    Heyy, I was wondering if anyone knows any good techinques to "stop" depression from developing again. I guess some background info could be helpful, basically, I went through just about five years of depression and anxiety, my first episode started when I was fourteen, maybe even a bit sooner, and I've had four other episodes since then. I was in CBT therapy twice but I refused to take any medication. My last episode ended in April so about six months ago and I was fine after that, in fact, it was the longest period of time when I was happy since I first started struggling with depression. I work over 40 hours every week and I'm a second year university student and I'm very stressed because it's getting harder and harder to find time for myself as I'm always busy. Lately I've noticed I'm totally lacking in energy even when I manage to get enough sleep, I don't really feel like eating much as food makes me nauseous, I feel like I want to be left alone, I get upset very easily and I'm experiencing mood swings as well. All of these remind me of the days when I was depressed and this very fact is making me quite anxious because I feel like I don't have the strength to go through another episode of depression again. I'm trying to stay positive, I meditate daily and I also practice mindfulness as I found it quite useful in the past but it seems like it's not enough. Do you have any advice on how to address this issue? Thank you.

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    Sounds familiar (3rd yr student with an exam and 10 weeks practice left, just returned after a 6 month break as I became really unwell). Does your university have a mh service that you can refer yourself to? If so please don't struggle on until you have no choice but to step off your course. The mindfulness is good and during my time off I found walking twice a day really helped - I would wake feeling really anxious and go for a long walk which seemed to burn off the anxiety. You could pop and see your GP too just so they are aware and can support you too. Would you consider antidepressants now? No one wants to take them but they do help. Can you take a break from your course and come back? - I didn't want to and kept fighting until I had no choice. Once I was off the course I realised stepping off was the best thing I could have done and I should have done it a lot sooner. I would definitely try the counselling though - it may mean you don't need to take antidepressants or step off your course. Good luck with your course anyway - life isn't all parties and missing lectures, like the image that is depicted of students. University can be stressful. Take care of yourself . Maybe someone else will come along and be able to give you strategies to get through this.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD.
    Are you still working and studying at the same time? I know when I was at uni I was trying to work every spare hour just to be able to do the basics and studying and teaching all at the same time and I remember how bad I was feeling... Can you see if there is a wellbeing or mental health session you can access? I promise that you won't be the first or the last person dealing with this at all.
    What about going to see your GP? As has already been asked, would you consider taking medication?
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    Hi, Maya, and welcome.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling again. Be kind to yourself. Rest as much as you can, fit into your life the things that you enjoy, spend time with your friends and family. I know these sound simplistic but they’re often the things we forget to do and can have the biggest impact on us. Talk to Student Support too as they should have something in place that could help support you.

    Why do you not want to take medication?
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