Hi :-) I've just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself quickly. It's actually quite tricky writing this as I virtually feel like a fraud - I see what others on here are dealing with on a daily basis and I'm amazed at their strength; I've not been diagnosed with depression, not on meds, not spoken to my doctor etc. But I feel trapped in a situation and have symptoms (tiredness, apathy, a sense of worthlessness etc) associated with depression.

I know exactly the cause of my depression - work. I've worked for the same company for about 18 years now (I'm mid 40s) initially in a technical role in a office. About 12 years ago a lot of work was transferred offshore, the net result meaning that my skill levels plummetted. About 4 years ago I became home rather than office based, not my choice. Others seem to have coped with these changes a lot better than me - I guess a personality / outlook thing.

Now I'm in a situation where I sit at a desk at home all day, dreading being called to meetings or becoming involved in work where I feel I'll make mistakes and cause myself even more problems down the line. My work confidence is near the floor. Yet I don't feel I can leave as I no longer have the current skills needed elsewhere. How would I pay the bills..? Argghh...!!

I know that one thing I need to do is to put work into context, into it's own compartment. Yet I still get a strong sense of dread most mornings and, whilst I have a lovely wife and son who are the centre of my world, I don't really have friends or hobbies to throw myself into, that's just the way I am. I'm thinking that I need to pluck up some confidence, get myself out a bit more socially and try and also try and build some current work skills. Easier said than done though..

Thanks for listening, sorry if it was a bit long :-)