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    New here...

    Hi, New on here and never openly spoken about my depression & anxiety to anyone other than my gp recently. Hard to do having felt like I should be able to try and cope with it. Wonder if anyone else has experienced keeping it all to themselves for a long time. Tried bringing it up a couple of times but had the usual "just join something" or "there are people dying of starvation" comments that aren't exactly helpful!

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    Welcome... Can totally relate to keeping it inside and hidden. Done it for ages before I realised something really was wrong.
    Yeah old comments like just cheer up really aren't helpful... And yes feeling like you should cope seems common. All part of the cycle. Glad you're here.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD. There are loads of people here who can relate, so join on in there when and where you feel comfortable.
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    Hi Sky , I kept my depression hidden for a few months when it first struck, frankly because I didn't know what it was, I knew something had changed in me and there was something drastically wrong. It can only do you good to discuss your feelings and problems with friends, family or on a forum like DWD.
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    Hi Sky, I had to admit, during the week, to some friends that I was still finding it hard to tell people I’m struggling and need help. As a result, I contributed to nearly ruining our friendship. It might help to take a look at for tips on starting those conversations
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