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Thread: First CBT session today and day2 of Citalopram

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    First CBT session today and day2 of Citalopram

    Well, been for my 1st face-to-face session; more an opening intro into what the aims are and reassessing me in more detail about the triggers plus the good old PHQ9 and GAD7

    She claimed that my scores were lower now than when i had the phone interview - which surprised me since this past few weeks i've felt nothing but significantly worse.... so maybe not being honest either then or now ... dunno
    I went to GP cos i was feeling on a downward spiral again - been feeling pretty light headed today on the AD's but can cope ... not as bad as i was fearing - so thats ok

    At least, i think, i like this counsellor better than my previous one.... maybe because she's a she.... my previous counsellor was an older chap and just didn't get on - was just something can't put finger on about it.
    This new lady, Gemma, seems to be better... again, don't know why but i did find it easier to talk in front of her

    Got a bunch of reading and some other stuff to do..... 3 weeks until next appointment though (normally 2 but she's on leave) - this isn't great cos i felt the previous one didn't work so well because the sessions were so fragmented due to interruptions. So hoping its a one-off

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    That sounds pretty positive
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    Hi, I've also just started taking Citalopram (day 7) and first time taking any medication having suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety for years mainly due to feeling like I'm living with a secret due to fear of stigma etc and reactions I've had when I have attempted to mention it. I'm on low dose so not sure what to expect...waiting for a referral too for talk therapy or whatever it's called��

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    This is my second lot of taking therapy. First was straight counseling but didn't get much from it. But it does need you to click with the person and I didn't

    Good luck with the citalopram. Let me know how you get on

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    You do sound pretty positive lovely which is great...
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