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Thread: Newbie *AB TRIGGERS*

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    My last post hasn't been approved and I said I wanted this to be my happy place but I'm breaking that...

    I went to take my meds tonight and discovered that yesterday, I hadn't taken my AM or PM dose. I have no idea of what that was about. Today was my best day in ages. I can't remember what was in my last post but I dropped my sh*t because my support coordination services were pulled. They have been reinstated. This is after my support services being pulled last week by another provider and trying to get a more intensive provider into a service agreement. I may be able to get the support coordination service to back off on their service agreement while I get my acute care services in place. Management is putting pressure on getting a SA through when I do not currently have the cognitive and psychiatric capacity. If they just backed off, we could get it done. I'm pleased to be able to support my friend with cancer. She is having people being so selfish and one thing I can do is hold the space for her, allow her to be in the drivers seat and assist her with whatever she needs help with, and help bring in others who will do the same for her too. That is something I can do well, at least.

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    I've just approved your post and Paula's reply, I'm sorry I didn't spot it earlier..

    I'm glad you're getting some of your support put back.
    I'm glad you can support your friend, but make sure you are caring for you too lovely.
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