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Thread: Girlfriend with depression *SU Triggers*

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    Girlfriend with depression *SU Triggers*

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you can offer some advice, I donít really know where else to go.

    My girlfriend is going through depression for the past year, we've been together for 3 years, its a long distance relationship. Iíve tried to talk, be there for her and support her, Iíve said she should get some professional help and tried to get her to agree but she just says no every time, she used to get bad monthly then weekly and recently itís been every other day.

    It's taking a toll on me, I know it's not about me but then I'm finding it hard to support her. She's sent me suicidal messages before and at the time she sends them she's also really upset and angry with me because she says I'm not there for her but doesn't open up with me. I'll message her and say everything's going to be ok and try and be there for her tell her to take deep breaths and just sit up and meditate. Last week she was really upset and mad and blocked me out. I tried calling and talking to her but I got nothing, later she started saying to me she wanted to die, I messaged her and tried to calm her down and then she went to sleep. I messaged in the morning to see how she was, she blocked me out again. I really just began to think I'm making things worse and she doesn't want to talk to me. That night she started sending me suicidal messages again and saying that I didn't care about her. I called 10 times but she never answered and blocked my number, I called her sister asked her to check on her and since then she's been upset and mad at me. I care about her and really do love her.

    Her parents donít know about what sheís going through (sheís currently living at home).

    When I try and talk she gets angry and says Iím not there for her I try to be there and she doesnít talk and just pushes me away and then gets angry at me.

    I donít know what to do anymore, I suggested that maybe we go on a break for a month just to get ourselves grounded and work things out, itís only been a day but I feel like this break was a bad idea, Iím just not sure, Iím constantly worried about her and I donít know what to do I donít know whether I should tell her parents, she has sent me suicidal messages before Iím scared, Iíve told her older sister about things and sheís said not to tell her parents. I don't know if I should give this break more time I don't know.
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