I know that this is not a new subject but I've been waking up to quite a low mood recently. I have been feeling really tired and under a considerable amount of stress. If I listened to that inner voice then I wouldn't get up and I wouldn't go to work. It's dark when I get up and I have three cats to feed plus a packed lunch and a simple salad to make.
I don't want to go to work but
I'm off on holiday soon. I've used up all my credit with Dr J and I can't see him any more. I can have more hypnosis sparingly.
I've posted this in the recovery thread because I regard myself in recovery. I give myself a hard time. I'm not a very nice person to live/ work with.
I am looking for another job but I'm not really qualified to do very much. I really don't want to work for a zero hours contract or lots of late nights. There are a lot of jobs like that. A job recently wanted someone to work Tuesday to Sunday with only one day off. Really ?