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Thread: Work, exercise oh my!

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    Work, exercise oh my!

    A day does not go by without me looking at my tummy and trying to squeeze it in or say I will do better tomorrow and start my plan to exercise again for the billionth time tomorrow. I know exercise helps depression, but I just don't push myself hard enough to be consistent about it. Then I am upset with myself when it comes to the end of the week and I have done nothing!. I try to except my weight and then a week later freak out about it.

    I have a job after being unemployed steadily six years. Been at this job for almost a year and a half...and I am bored to tears. Today I used comp time to just have a day off and regroup. Sure I slept bad, but I just did not want to commute one hour to stare at my computer screen for 8 hours. And maybe, hopefully a phone call now and then. Then the guilt feelings rush in...I do not want to be or sound ungrateful, this job came at a time when we most needed it. But I feel a bit trapped and stuck because the job market here is not easy and I am middle that makes me feel even more depressed.

    I cried today, one because I am unhappy in my job ,two because I thought how ungrateful i sound when I have a job and others do not, three just because I feel a bit "off" and not sure how to feel. So I ate some Pop tarts...and it starts all over again. Sigh...

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    Hi Vanessa, sorry you aren't feeling great. Have you told your Dr how you are feeling? What about looking for another job? Can you do that whilst you are still working? What about doing things like polishing up your CV/Resume?
    Can you try to do little bits of exercise? Maybe taking a walk round the block in your lunch break or take the stairs rather than using a lift? Then you can build up from there?
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    I'm sorry you are feeling this way, Vanessa. Going to the gym is difficult, especially making that initial jump, but it can help you feel a little better after you work out - it's definitely worth it, I think.

    As for feeling ungrateful - you should never apologise for how you feel if you are upset. There is ALWAYS someone worse off than yourself, and this goes for everyone, it doesn't mean you don't have a right to be upset. Have you talked to your boss or someone in HR about how you feel?

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