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Thread: Seeking advice from like minded souls

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    Seeking advice from like minded souls

    Hi. Thought id give this site a go after coming across it on a Google search.
    I've suffered with depression and anxiety most of my life but as probably.with some others life events most.of the time relationship breakdowns send my depression and anxiety through the roof to the point now where I'm not coping well.l at all.

    I'm constantly on edge and can't sleep for more than around 30 minutes at a time. I can't get any enjoyment out of anything at all. I can't sit and relax even just watching tv makes me feel sad and my mind won't stop racing.
    I just feel like there's no way forward at the moment. I want to be around people but I'm a social mood if that makes sense? I've been getting panic attacks for the first time over the past week. Had one at work the other day and get out of the building and go home.

    I've been on mirtazapine sertraline and proponolol in the past but nothing for around 4 years. I've appointment with my gp but.cant get in until Wednesday.

    Any help or advice gratefully received....

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    Hi and welcome. You've made a great first step by making the appointment with your gp. In the meantime, keep talking and be kind to yourself.
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    Hi and welcome. Seeing your doctor is the first most important thing to do so well done for making that appointment. Do you support around you - family or friends?
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    Hi Anthony welcome to DWD
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    Hi and welcome to DWD. I'm glad you've made an appointment with your GP. That's a hugely positive step to help you get better.
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    Hi and welcome.
    Well done for reaching out to us at DWD. You are amongst friends here. Talking about your feelings and going to your GP are great steps.

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