I feel tired today, went to the Boundary Stone for lunch with my sister I had southern chicken, chips and salad followed by apple pie and custard for pud, sis had lasagne and sat there while I ate my pud we both had a hot choc. We had a few good laughs and moaned about our aches and pains and how we got stiff after sitting (we must be getting old), had a nice walk there and back. Been playing a video game called Stella Glow and dozing in the chair since I got home.

Me and sis were both talking about Stan Lee, she hadn't a clue who he was and I only knew what he did from the video Suzi posted (yup we've both been leaving under a rock for 50 years)

Mmmm not even posted a video now let me see.

Psycho Killer - The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.