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    I've just come across the forum & thought I'd join.
    Where to start...
    I've been on & off antidepressants for years, but following the break up with my ex, & loss of several of my dogs, I'm on them permanently.
    I've been chucked out of my home after a 5 year battle with my ex - I sleep on my daughter's floor now.
    Am currently (since March) trying to find a place to take my dogs, 2 pet pigs & chickens.

    My daughter is 30 (suffers from anxiety & on meds for it) with 2 children, aged 12 & 4.
    I also have a son, who is 34, suffers depressive episodes, but not on meds, has a son aged 5 & another baby due in November.

    I'm not working at the moment.

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    Hi HuskyJ & welcome to DWD. I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time of it. I too have been on antidepressants for most of my life, permanently the last decade. It will hopefully get easier once you're over this hard spot. I wish you lots of good things & hope to read more about you in the coming days.

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    Hi and welcome. I'm sorry things have been so tough recently, and sorry for your losses . Are you getting help in finding somewhere more permanent to live?
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    Hi and welcome. Are you having help and support?
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    Hello HuskyJ

    Hope you're ok. Not seen a post for a while ?

    It sounds as though you have you're hands full , have you found anywhere to stay?

    Grandad again soon !

    Kind wishes


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