My Mother has always been quite controlling and had some issues, mostly depression I think. I have learnt to deal with it but my sister has been unable to, and cannot hold her tongue just to keep a happy house. I feel that my whole life has been miserable and stepping on egg shells just to make sure my Mum is always happy, but it's just something I have lived with for so long that I'm used to it now.

A few years ago my Mother and younger sister had a huge argument which left them not speaking - 3 years later and they still have not spoken and in the process, my Sister does not talk to any of my family now, including me. Myself and my Father have tried our best to mend things but nothing works and we cannot get them to make up or even talk to each other, we even missed her wedding and she missed mine. After we missed my sisters wedding, my Mum had a break down and I managed to get her into some counselling sessions and also to the Doctors for some anti-depressants to help her. She only went to a few counselling sessions and gave them up because they were too hard for her. However, she did stick with the anti-depressants for a year or so and they were really helping. I finally started to feel like she was happy and she had stopped arguing and fighting everyone (except my sister) Her relationship with my Dad improved and she did seem a better version of herself.

However, a few weeks ago she told me she has stopped taking them. Since then she has gone downhill massively, she is angry, ranting, falling out with my Dad and even started shouting at her neighbours. She phones me daily ranting about my Dad and my sister. To be honest, it's a massive strain on my life. I feel guilty for writing this but I'm just at a loss. I cannot help her, she won't let me and if I dare mention the tablets she gets angry and tells me that everyone just wants her to be on the tables because it makes their lives easier.

I had a miscarriage earlier in the year and I swear it was because of stress. I am not trying for a baby and I'm not sure I can deal with having a baby to look after as well as my Mum. This whole situation gets me down and it is a huge weight on my shoulders, which of course also affects my own life and marriage.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm almost 30, and this has been my life. I try my best to help my Mum but she is the only one that can help herself and she just won't. I have no one to talk to about it, I've lost my sister because of this as well and I just don't know what to do anymore. Can anyone suggest something or has anyone been through this before? I've just had enough.