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Thread: Hi, I believe I suffer from anhedonia

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    Hi, I believe I suffer from anhedonia

    Hi, I believe I suffer from anhedonia, although not diagnosed. Without depression. Started in childhood and has lasted to some degree for decades. Although I believe it's probably not sever since I can still feel something, it's pretty bad because it had led me to risky behavior in my teens and early twenties, but not anymore. I more or less found a way to deal with it, and I'm saving money so I could go to a psychiatrist at some point.

    I just found out what anhedonia is a few days ago from the net. Too bad I didn't know what it was because when it started, I had no idea what was happening, and it was rather scary.

    Wish the best for everyone who has to deal with any kind of depression. It's not easy. Hopefully science will find a way to solve this problem one day.

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    Hi and welcome. I would always caution against relying on google for a diagnosis. Can you see your GP?
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    The lack of enjoyment/pleasure in doing things which used to or normally would be pleasurable/enjoyable often comes along with depression but I totally agree with Paula in relying on Google for a diagnosis is not a good path to take as you can so easily be misled, so your first port of call has to be a doctor or other medical practitioner.
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    Hi and welcome to DWD! I'm going to also add my hesitations to self diagnosis via the internet. It's very easy to get it wrong and actually not have the help you need or get the wrong help.
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