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Thread: Running out of mirtazapine

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    The thing about taking lithium long term is that it is keeping you well, having a card with you isn't too much of hardship it is just common sense, I'll stop wittering now, take care Elizabeth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula View Post
    I use an app on my phone which states what meds Iím on at what dose, (inc lithium) my GP details etc. Itís important to keep hydrated and well but, tbh, thatís important for anyone. I donít see it as a responsibility so much as common sense
    I have an app too. It's on my phone and a list in my purse.. As with anyone on meds, the combinations I'm on cause side effects and also have some pretty nasty interactions...

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    Ok my previous comment wasn’t well received so I’ll try again.

    You’re an intelligent woman. You know that your medication is important. I get how annoying daily meds can be and I don’t like having to take them either but I also know that I need them. You know a gp has a responsibility to carry out med reviews and touch base with you which is probably why your repeat needs renewing every few months. You need to have regular blood tests with lithium right? Can you not merge that time with a meds review and solve the problem? Doesn’t have to be a headache if you choose not to make it that way

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    An update:
    I don’t find taking lithium routine. It is always in the back of my mind and to keep myself safe
    There was a message on my mobile to ring the surgery. My blood tests are not up to date so I will need to do that before they will renew the repeat
    I don’t have to go into the surgery to see a GP
    They won’t switch the dose unless I’m showing signs of toxicity
    Thank you for your concern x

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    Iím sorry EJ but you really need to start putting your health first. I get that you have a lot on with work and stuff, and I get a feeling there is a lot that your not saying and thatís your choice if you want to share things or not but Iím gonna do what I do best and just be honest. You say about ďlithium denialĒ but really I think your lithium obsessed. This is a thread about Mirtazapine but lithium gets discussed so much more. I need to have regular testing for a variety of things due to medication I take and health risks attatched, as do many others here, so I really do get how worrying it can be but you have to ask yourself are the benefits of taking the meds worth the risks and I think youíve answered that by saying itís kept you well for 20 yrs. Therefore you have to take responsibility for keeping upto date with your blood tests etc and yeah I get that itís a blooming nightmare to make those appointments and get time off etc. But thatís your part of the deal to get well. Surely thatís worth the effort? It doesnít have to be a problem.

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    I put the fact that I was running out of lithium because I thought that if I started a new thread it would be put with this anyway. I lead a very busy life - I work full time and belong to three choirs and do other voluntary work etc. It is my choice but it does not mean that I’m not looking after myself - quite the opposite. I knew that I needed to get my meds up to date and I was originally expressing my anxieties about that. I don’t have time to sit and think about things all day. I want it like that. Music helps me to relax it is sometimes stressful too. At the end of the day I am a recovering depressive like most people on here.

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    There’s nothing wrong with keeping busy but I’m getting really confused here. You say that lithium comes with responsibility and carrying a card, then you said your bloods aren’t up to date which surely is really important, but your too busy to sort a prescription (or get your bloods done). I’m sorry but you need to put your health first. Make it a priority cos if you don’t you might end up needing a lot more than an hour off work to sort things out if you get ill cos you neglect yourself now. I’m not having I go, I’m just trying to point out where your priorities should be.

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    Stellaís right, getting your bloods done at the right time is more important than work, choirs or voluntary work. Perhaps you need to speak to your employer and ask for a slight flexibility in your working hours once every 3 months to have your bloods done
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    EJ, can I ask something? If you don't want to answer then you don't have to, obviously. You seem to almost resent taking lithium, that you haven't accepted it?

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