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Thread: I'm confused, scared and lost. *Possible Triggers*

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    I'm confused, scared and lost. *Possible Triggers*

    My depression is getting worse not better, I don't know how to deal with what's going on. Basically I've been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and I'm on medication but lately my living situation is making things so much worse for me, my father and my brother are emotionally abusing myself and my sister. It's anything from calling us names, making up stories about us and telling people when they're out and even going through our belongings including mail. I'm on a local housing list but he keeps threatening to kick me and her out and I'm so scared, because I'm currently not working I'm trash to him. I just... feel so lost and I don't know where to turn. I have no friends because he alienated them all and they wont speak to me because of the stuff my father and brother have lied about. I don't know what to do anymore.
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    Hi and welcome to dwd, have you spoken to your gp about exactly what is going on for you and your sister ? and also explained to housing what is happening ?

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    My GP doesn't listen much, he seems to just change my pills. He nods often and barely speaks. I'm calling my local housing office tomorrow to see what they say but I'm worried it might be more difficult because I have a companion animal to help me feel less alone because of my depression. He keeps also threatening to throw the pet out every time I leave the house so I'm scared to leave the home. (Thank you for adding the trigger warning I completely forgot, my head isn't in a good place right now)

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    Hi and welcome. Are you in the UK? If so, contact Shelter as they help with all housing issues. And this link gives you links to organisations who deal with abuse situations.

    If your GP is not listening, ask the receptionist in your surgery which GP specialises in mental health, and make an appointment. When you go, write down everything you're feeling to prompt you at the appointment or so you can give the GP your notes.

    Keep talking, lovely, it really does help
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    Hi and welcome. Paula has given you all the links I was going to. You aren't alone. Keep talking..
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    I am in the UK and it's terrifying because this all started suddenly, it's gotten worse because he's got my brother on his side and he's told him lies to do so. I'm on disability because my mental health and agoraphobia is pretty bad to the pont that because of the stuff they threaten with trying to throw out my cat I'm scared to leave on top of my agoraphopia in case he does it while I'm out. I've been told what they're doing is emotional abuse and it is. I can't even begin to get better until myself and my sister leave here.

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    Hey & welcome. I can relate to your situation because I live with an aggressive druggie brother. He doesn't abuse me or my mum as such but he has been threatening at times. The way I deal with it is I completely ignore him & try to go about my own business. Its very challenging when you live with someone you despise especially on top of depression & anxiety which I also have. If you ignore them though they have no reason to provoke you and if they ever get threatening then you get the police involved.

    My doctor is the same with me btw, he offers me anti-depressants that I've already tried many times over. Right now I'm cold turkey from meds, now that has been extremely challenging. For me the meds only served to reduce my anxiety because they made me so tired to even have an effect on the depression..

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