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Thread: Judgements and Vulnerability. All Read please.

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    Exclamation Judgements and Vulnerability. All Read please.

    I think it's important that I make this post...

    It's very easy to forget that we all come to DWD because we all have our own experiences, not just of depression and mental health illness, but in life and illness too.
    I know that there are no members of this site who would wish to upset or offend or hurt anyone else and that every post is written because they care. They have taken time out of their day to post something in the view to help whoever is reading it.
    They may be hoping to help the reader to understand them more clearly or to suggest something which might help the reader with their health issues.
    Sometimes the person posting may say something which might not at first seem to fit the way you want to be spoken to, or just plainly might not help. If you don't like something posted then use the report button (exclamation mark in a triangle near the "thanks" button) which sends a message to the team and alerts us that there is an issue with that post. If not then at the bottom of the homepage there is a list of who is online, or there will be a green/red light by the username of any member of the team who you can pm and tell them what's the problem.

    I will never, ever tolerate bullying or belittling or direct attacks on any member.

    If you disagree with my judgement (or that of any other member) then talk to me. I make mistakes - probably more than most - and I am normally open to reasoned discussion about anything.

    We are all human, it's harder to get the intonation of what is meant by the words. Sometimes the same words will be taken in different ways depending on how you are feeling. Sometimes you want a hug and understanding, sometimes you want practical suggestions, sometimes you may want a it's all going to be OK. Sometimes you might want a short, "come on, you can do it." Two minutes later you might need something different. No one posts knowing that at the time they post, as you may not even pick up that message for several hours/days..

    Please stop and think. You may be vulnerable, but so might be the person who has taken time to post to you because they care....
    Do a little of something that makes you happy every day!

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    Well said. I don't know what this is about but I agree with you.

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