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Thread: Back after a couple of years *SU triggers*

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    Back after a couple of years *SU triggers*

    My last username was MarshallForever. I was in quite a dark place a couple of years ago. Relationship breakdown wasn't the bad part. Not seeing my daughter, and the I was put through made me want to end it all. And I did try. Now, I have a wonderful woman who I know truly cares for and loves me. But I have almost managed to ruin it due to my drinking problem. My angers and anxieties all come up when I get really drunk. I would never physically hurt my girlfriend, but my tongue is what hurts her. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it all. What I say is downright horrid or, and I make her feel worthless at times. I've been hurt by her too, but instead of moving on, I always seem to fall back into the past and take it out on the one person I truly care about. Sober she knows how much I love her, and we have spoken about getting married. But when I drink to much I become a complete arsehole. I'm going to seek medical help, and I've promised my girlfriend that I will never touch another drop...and I have said that before, but she doesn't deserve the crap I have given her in the past. Alcohol has brought my life nothing but pain and frustration and mess. Anyway... hello again.
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    Hello and welcome back. I'm not going to tell you all the ill effects that alcohol will have, you have come with those yourself. I gave up alcohol completely when I was diagnosed with depression. I used to like a cold beer every now and again, but alcohol and tablets rarely mix.
    Take care of your self and your girlfriend and if you are serious about giving up the drink there are lots of people more qualified than me to help. What I can say is that there is nearly always someone here to reply to your posts.

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    It isn't quitting the drink that's the problem...It's making sure I don't fall off the wagon. For me and her and my sanity. I'd like to just cold turkey without medication, but my depression kicks in. Right now I just feel lost.

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    How you spoken to your GP for support in quitting the drink?
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    Hi and welcome back . I've added a trigger warning as you've discussed suicide. It's nothing to worry about, we just need to ensure other members can avoid any posts which may be a trigger for them.

    Hunni, I think it's great that you've found someone you obviously love very much. There are places that can help you both with dealing with your issues with alcohol. We've got threads which give details of helplines that may help you both which includes details of AA for support for you and Adfam or Al-anon for support for your partner. If staying off the alcohol is a problem, then support from AA may help you.

    It's great to see you back, keep talking, we'lol do all we can to help
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    Welcome back

    Good luck with trying to stop drinking. I highly recommend getting as much professional medical support for the depression and sobriety as possible. You will be working through a lot and it will be the best chance for your relationship if you have the widest support circle as possible. Do you already have somethings in place?

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    Hi and welcome back. What about AA and your GP?
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