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Thread: Everyone please read

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    Everyone please read

    Ok this is just a quick post,

    we do have a multi quote system so our members can put multiple quotes from different posts and answers in one post,
    To use this on the bottom right corner of a post at the end of the pink/lilac bar (thats the colour my monitor shows it) there are two apostrophes' with a small + sign next to them click these on each post that you want to quote, then at the bottom of the thread click on the purple button just above the reply box on the left hand side that has this +reply to thread.

    All the posts that you want to quote will then be in one reply box and you can reply under each quote. Then click post to post your answers,

    Also just a quick reminder that it is easier and quicker for not only the admin and moderators but also other members to reply to people if they keep one thread when asking questions, as it also helps us to get to know a member better and quicker. And then be able to give answers and support quicker and easier.

    On the subjects of posts, please remember that the Admin and moderators will answer all posts as quickly as we can, but please refrain from repeating the same question within a couple of minutes from asking the same question the first time. We will answer as soon as we are able to.

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