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Thread: What is the most bothering symptoms you faced?

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    Yes. My memory has improved, still not perfect but improved. I've been doing sudkuo puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to try to help my memory. A favourite of mine at the moment is doing dot to dot puzzles for adults. There is a monthly book published just for adults and it's not very expensive.

    I'm thinking of asking for my mental health records to see what was written about me while I was in hospital. I think it would be a very interesting read. I wonder how long do you have to wait for them to be released?

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    I got my records as of a couple of years ago and they came through really quickly but it was a solicitor requesting them so dunno if that sped things up a bit. It made very interesting reading.
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    I thought that from the data protection act you had a right to all information that was about you. Every organisation has to has a data protection policy and it should be available for all service users to read. It should state in the policy within what timescale they intend to meet requests for this data. I think it depends on how much information there is and what time they need to organise and send it.. but it should be a number of weeks not years. I could be wrong.. but I don't think so.
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