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Thread: Personality Change

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    Hello! and Thank you so much, Paula!!! I hope so too. It is my Birthday today and my colleagues really made it special, so I am feeling much more optimistic!

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    Happy birthday! Hope it continues to be a good, happy and positive day!

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    Happy birthday
    Come on everybody, join in the QUIZ, I need the competition!

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    Glad the advice helped, I do ramble a lot sometimes and I am glad every once in a while it actually makes sense haha

    A late happy birthday from me too!

    Do you enjoy running? I ask because generally it is really hard to keep exercising if you don't like the exercise and you used the word 'try' to go running which made me wonder. Definitely pick something you love because then you will always do it, otherwise it becomes a chore instead of fun and on low days it won't happen unless you are super strict with yourself, which isn't always a good idea.

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