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Thread: Anyone play games here?

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    thats great,may i know how old are you?

    i am like 27 this year and been gaming since young,when i play fighting game,i get tense,hence i try not to play.

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    Then it is good to play more relaxed games. I love league of legends, but it tends to make me really hyper. World of Warcraft is way more chilled out and a game you can play alone or with others. I like playing loads of games, strategy is my favorite. I am also on a Go server but I haven't played in a while. It is a board game, but not many people in the west play it so I go online to find other players. If anyone here plays Go do send me a private message

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    Wouldn't mind a game of doctors and nurses but i cant get a game started and when i do i always end up as the receptionist.

    They look at me and think I'm cool, I'm purplefan at night I rule.

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    in my time, I think I must have played a little bit of everything

    everything from sonnic to final fantasy, pimble to WWE.

    I still play a few games online, and I still own an X-BOX 360, so play on that too

    trouble is I find the games so addictive and can just let the hours tick by while I just sit their playing.
    I remember back in the days when runescape was a thing, i'd give all my money to that- which wasn't helping me

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