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    I know that the waiting sucks, and you do always have the choice to pay and see someone independently. However, I know that the NHS is not perfect - not by any mark, but I am so grateful to it for so many things....
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    Quote Originally Posted by chelsea View Post
    Thankyou for your good advice. Can I ask you if you are in the uk? I live in kent in the uk, i was told today in my phone call that there Is a waiting list for cbt, i really don't want to wait 5 months for help. I need support now! It's the same old story, if you can pay you will get help quicker, if not you have to take what they offer.
    I am in Holland now. But I was living in the UK when the same thing happened to me. I waited 5 months for that phone call you had, and another 6 before starting the CBT that ultimately didn't help. The CBT therapist referred me to the community mental health team then where I saw a real psychiatrist, psychologist, started two types of therapy, one group and one individual session per week and was given a support worker. If the GP had referred me to the CMHT in the first place it would have saved a whole year of my life from being a needless struggle. This is why I asked you whether the CBT was being offered by the CMHT or another organisation. But maybe CBT will help you. It just wasn't the right thing for me. After being referred to the CMHT I still had to wait before being seen by the psychiatrist. And the service was still not amazing, it was a small town so there were limited services available. But it was way better than the CBT and I had much more support in place.

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