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Thread: Do u have any other illnesses alongside depression

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    I have Aspergers, ADD, depression, anxiety disorder, migraine and some issues caused by a damaged kidney caused by medication completely wrong for me. I have no real clue how much these add up to each others, but to cheer up myself I always say... If I gotta be a mess, at least let me be a hot mess. Le Boyfriend really has great nerves being able to deal with the nutjob I occasionally can be. And because we can get through things mainly with really dark humour, we all including the kids call this family "mixed nuts". It is sorta comforting knowing sarcasm and joke can carry us so far. In my language we have few termos for a person who can stay completely cool through almost anything. That's how my guy is. In my language we say "lehmän hermot", meaning having nerves of a cow. No matter what sort of a meltdown me or the kids get, he will walk us through it, and never get angry. We would be completely lost without him.

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    He’s sounds pretty special, Sissy
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    Nerves of a cow - that's awesome. That really made me smile. Cows are fantastic.

    I love the "mixed nuts" I suppose that's what we are in my house too.
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    I smiled at "nerves of a cow", your guy sounds really special.
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    He is a great guy. At times I wo der what so bad has he done to be sent to live his life with me, and that I don't even deserve him. But he just makes my day telling me I am worth it. I feel really blessed.

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    Don't worry Sissy, I think we're all a bit nuts in one way or another. Sometimes I wonder why my husband sticks with me.......we are who we are, aren't we? And it's nice to be a bit can be very boring being normal!

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    Flo, you are brilliantly right! What is normal after all, exept a setting in my dryer? Anyone remember movie Adams Family? Morticia Adams had a glorious line going something like this.. "Normal is just an illusion, what is normal to a spider is a chaos to a fly" and somehow for a moment everything made sense .

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