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Thread: Do u have any other illnesses alongside depression

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    My bad,it's high blood pressure.Mine was around 180 when highest,now I am on the meds for it

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    Of course, sorry!
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    I think being physically ill definitely makes depression worse. In many ways depression is actually a physical illness. In my case I think that the physical health problems have been caused and then worsened by the trauma and constant struggles to feel safe that come from my mental health problems.

    My main mental health problems are a complex form of PTSD called second generation war victims syndrome (when trauma gets passed on from a parent or grandparent to a child) and Borderline Personality Disorder. In addition I am an emotionally sensitive person and due to this and various hard life situations past and present I am often dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression in varying amounts at different times. Right now Anxiety has been an increasing problem over the last couple of years and after a particularly stressful period lately I am definitely noticing that I am going through a patch of Depression.

    Physically I have a Bruxism (grinding teeth in sleep) which often makes it painful to eat because it has damaged my jaw. Migraine although I get these way less often now. Problem with my toe joint that gives a lot of pain when I walk at the moment. Mild PCOS. Endemetriosis (little ones). Overactive Pelvic Floor Syndrome.. which has caused haemarrhoids, anal fissure, random bleeding and extreme difficulty peeing. This last one is the worst and gives a lot of stress and anxiety.

    I think this was a good idea for a thread. Because in medicine different conditions are often treated seperately, and sometimes that is necessary. But we are also whole creatures where all these things have an effect on each other. Another reason why I feel mindfulness is so great. It helps you to deal with all of it at once as one person instead of a list of labels. I think I have almost talked myself into forcing myself to do the mindfulness practice again haha

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    I have PCOS, anxiety, and I'm currently being investigated for rheumatoid arthritis.
    Tn prdu, jhami s rcbro

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    bipolar disorder with anxiety, asthma, underactive thyroid, arthritis in my cervical spine, hypermobility syndrome and complex regional pain Syndrome in my right leg and right hand
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    On top of the depression I have PTSD, anxiety (panic attacks, albeit rare) and social anxiety.

    It was my counsellor that informed me of the PTSD from a childhood event. I wonder whether the social anxiety and depression are linked. On the rare occasion when I'm not depressed, I feel I could tackle anything and conquer the world, yet when I'm depressed, the concept of socialising or having to make small talk with people terrifies me.

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    I also have IBS although it is not as bad as it used to be , anxiety, migraines, osteoarthritis especially in my knees and back pain. Perimenopause is not helping matters. How I long for my twenty year old body.

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    anxiety issues



    undiagnosed physical problems

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    I am asthmatic and allergic to cats/dogs, pollen and pine bark.. of all things.

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    we are all so similar.
    I have substance abuse, arthritis, anxiety, panic attacks
    Its not fun!

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