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Thread: Boosting the mood!

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    Boosting the mood!

    Hello all!

    Thought it might be a good idea for me and my fellow depression sufferers to share some mood-boosting activities....? I feel like I hit a turning point in therapy today and I'm determined to now do all I can to boost my mood!!

    I'm currently recovering from a severe depression and feel really motivated to do everything I can to boost my mood! Any advice would be most welcomed and appreciated!

    Here are a couple of things that help me personally...

    1. Swimming - A gentle swim and spending time in the sauna, jacussi and steam room at my local leisure centre can be so relaxing and also quite sociable!

    2. Long, scenic walks in nature - Releases endorphins and helps me appreciate the beauty of nature!

    3. Sunshine! I'm 100% born in the wrong country, but when we get our sunny days... oh how I love sunbathing in the garden!

    4. Listening to upbeat and feel good music.

    5. Spending time with positive people!

    Look forward to hearing (and trying out) some of your suggestions, too!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Cooking. I love to feed people lol

    Reading - pure escapism

    Listening to music loudly
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    Knitting. I've been known to knit a few weird things in the past.

    Sewing. As above. I've made everything from Christmas stockings to Halloween costumes to dolls carry cots. Great way to distract.

    Colouring in. There are a lot of colouring books on the market at the moment. It's a great way to pass the time.

    Dot to dot. Although with all I'm doing at the moment, I haven't had time in a while.

    Talking to family and friends.

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    Aw I'm doing a spot of baking myself tomorrow, Suzi!! It's been ages since I've baked anything and will make some treats for family tomorrow!

    Haha, what kind of weird things have you knitted Magie? Sound like some really relaxing hobbies there! I like the sound of the colouring. I've just borrowed a keyboard from my uncle to relinquish an old hobby of mine, too!

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    Swimming and keeping my mind occupied and doing meditation.

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    Listening to music, classical, country and a bit of blues. I have been known to listen to German industrial metal.

    Walking and gardening are too of my other hobbies.

    Jigsaw puzzles though not done any for a while.
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    Just starting to draw - been years last drawn.

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    This is a great idea for a thread

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    Doing something different, talking with people I wouldn't normally interact with.

    Did this today, won't be specific because, although harmless, the activity was technically illegal. The people engaged in it were activist types, diverse and interesting with a real sense of community. What I saw & heard made a real impact, was enjoyable and challenged my thinking in interesting ways.

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    Doing something different can be a great thing, certainly! I find just going somewhere different can - literally - be a real breath of fresh air!

    That sounds like a really cool experience today, too! Well done for interacting with people you wouldnt normally chat with! Thanks for sharing! X

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