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    Phone Apps & Online Tools

    Medication reminders and help manage your medication. Tracks prescriptions and reminds when repeats due.

    Free - iOS & Android
    Pill reminder app - keeps medication lists and gives pill reminders/repeats reminders

    Free - iOS

    Well Mind
    NHS mental health and wellbeing app to help with stress, anxiety and depression. Info on crisis helplines, mood diaries etc

    Free - iOS & Android

    Reachout Worrytime
    For anxiety sufferers. Stops your mind spiralling out of control by allowing you to log the worry and schedule a time where you can work through your concerns

    Free - iOS & Android

    Stay Alive
    Offers help and support both to people with thoughts of suicide and to people concerned about someone else. Most of the content is viewable offline, and parts of the app can be customised by the user to suit their personal needs.

    Free - iOS & Android plus content can be downloaded as PDF

    Measure mood every day by choosing one of four degrees to which you are feeling an emotion on each of 20 double sided cards. Receive your moodscope score each day and moodscope tracks your ups and down

    Helps you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them by accessing information on organisations, services and other self help material

    Interactive self help book which helps you learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.
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    Thanks for the great list. Moodgym is very good but now charge for new members. Anyone with an existing free account has until the end of this year to finish the programme before your account is closed.

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    RxmindMe is no longer available in the AppStore and isn’t compatible with iOS 11. Not sure if available for Android.

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    I've started on the "Big White Wall" and seems quite good.

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    I recently added discord on my phone and I know its for gaming but there are so many other groups on there. Some for learning a language and science. But I found one for people with avoident personality disorder and it felt good being around people that share that. We even watched a movie together yesterday through internet.

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    MindEd - “MindEd is suitable for all adults working with, or caring for, infants, children or teenagers; all the information provided is quality assured by experts, useful, and easy to understand. We aim to give adults who care for, or work with, young people:

    the knowledge to support their wellbeing
    the understanding to identify a child at risk of a mental health condition
    the confidence to act on their concern and, if needed, signpost to services that can help”
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    ^^^ I could have sworn I commented on this app a while back. Obviously didn’t hit the post button lol. There was a radio interview with the person who developed the app and it sounded really good so I had a peek it it and there are so many tips and methods to help youngsters to express their feelings and support them. A fantastic idea.

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    A couple I’ve had recommended but not tried yet, dunno if anyone wants to give them a try

    MoodTools - a self-help app targeting depression. It provides psychoeducation about risk factors and psychosocial approaches to treatment, a depression symptom questionnaire (PHQ-9), a thought diary, a suicide safety plan, and videos such as meditation guides.

    Breathe2Relax - A simple, intuitive, and attractive mobile app designed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology to teach breathing techniques to manage stress. The skills taught may be applied to those with anxiety disorders, stress, and PTSD.

    This app can be personalized to a pace that the user finds relaxing; includes a video demo, reading materials, and charts to map personal progress. Helpful for self-starters or those working with a therapist to include breathing techniques in their overall treatment.

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