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Thread: Unexpected Boost

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    Unexpected Boost

    I have mentioned in previous posts that i am trying to get my house in order (literally) I've hacked away some of the undergrowth in the garden, i really do want my garden back and i have started doing some decorating in the house. I don't really know how to describe it but the smell of paint and wallpaper somehow triggers something in my brain, i know that sounds daft and i actually hate decorating, but i just feel like i want to go through the whole house that was my intention anyway but i never expected to be so enthusiastic about it. and i just know that it is the smell that is giving me this boost because every time i open the front door it lifts me, and i am talking about a house that holds so many painful memories that i have until now wanted nothing more then to leave the place and move on.
    this has got me wondering if scents can have a genuine role to play in helping alleviate depression and anxiety. I'm sure people are already aware of these things, but it's something of a revelation to me at least on this scale, it is so good to feel any enthusiasm again for anything even if only for a limited time, and i haven't been sniffing the paint cans either.

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    That's an amazing post! So pleased for you.

    I always think that scents aren't thought of nearly as important as they are both at triggering negative and positive emotions.
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