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Thread: In need of a boost!

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    I can't wait to read about all you're doing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustEM View Post
    I've decided just to go to Calcutta though. After everyone around me thinks it's the best option, I've finally swallowed my pride and agreed! It will be supportive and safe with lots of people around me.
    I think that is a good idea.. it isn't like it will be the last adventure of your life, there will be more. So if it goes well you can plan more next time

    Quote Originally Posted by JustEM View Post
    I will keep a daily blog so could always share the link here if you'd like?
    Great idea

    Quote Originally Posted by JustEM View Post
    How are you doing, Emmyred? Hope you're okay.
    Exhausted and struggling along. But generally speaking I must be doing okayish because everyone is telling me I am doing so much better than I was. At least I think I am going in the right direction even if I don't know where I will end up exactly.

    I am encouraged by reading your posts because you are so determined to fight for life. But I just wanted to say that if things are not as uplifting as last time for whatever reason, or something doesn't match your expectations.. then don't worry about it. Life is never what you expect and if it is harder than expected it is not a failure for you, but a challenge to learn how to cope with it. And if it is better than expected then that is just awesome, right?

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    Aw thanks, Paula! I cant wait to write all about it!!

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    Thanks EmmyRed,

    What you said makes a lot of sense!

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, guess we really just have to keep living until we feel alive again!! I'm glad that you've been encouraged by reading some of my posts. I'm grateful for the encouragement I've received from fellow sufferers, too!

    Well keep doing what you are doing. I can definitely recommend the 'right direction'. Well done. I'm pleased to hear you have people around you, too. Remember though, just because others might say you're doing fine, don't feel pressured into having to feel fine all the time. It's okay to just be and it's also okay to not be okay all the time! ��

    Take care x

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