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Thread: Feel SO ill

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    Feel SO ill

    I'm just wondering if my symptoms can be a direct cause of depression and of stress. I wondered if anyone has had any similar experiences and was hoping for some words of encouragement or for some advice....

    I am absolutely exhausted. I can feel overwhelmed by the simplest of things. For example, sometimes I can't even make the bed or peg the washing out because I feel like, 'Ugh. I just don't care about this!'

    I love going out for walks but when I do I feel like I have to really push my body. There is no 'oomph!' in me. Sometimes I just lie in my bed and let my body rest but my mind is always whirring away! My whole body aches!! - My head, my neck, my shoulders and my upper back in particular, but I have a weird butterfly feeling in my stomach also and strange almost-cramping pains in my legs and upper arms. My sinuses also feel blocked and this general aching and pain is dragging down the mood.

    I've been under an enormous amount of stress lately and hadn't been sleeping, but I took some sleeping kalms tablets and they've seemed to help thankfully! I've also removed a stressful situation from my life but there's still A LOT more I need to deal with going on right now.

    My diet isn't great. I mostly eat fruit and eat an absolute maximum of 700 calories in a day (over-exaggerated and is more like an absolute max of 600). I feel like my body this week has just snapped and said, 'Sorry, I cant do anything anymore'. I have NO energy.

    My mood is VERY low.

    Is this total exhaustion due to depression, stress or physical health? Any tips on how to feel more energised and rested?


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    Hi EM, I can relate to some of what you've written re aches and pains, lacking oomph and fatigue, depression in my case causes those symptoms to the point where I question is something physically wrong or is it the depression (my depression is great at mimicing (spelling) physical symptoms). In my case one clue that it is depression is when I get involved in doing something the symptoms vanish only to return when I sit and try and relax.

    I'm no nutritionist but it doesn't look like you're eating enough which could be causing a lack of oomph and aches and pains.

    Have you seen your doctor?
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    Hi there!

    Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you get lots of aches and pains, too. It's a real positive that you're able to know when the exhaustion is coming from the depression.

    Thanks for your advice. I put it to use today and saw it WAS my depression and stress affecting my mood, exhaustion and motivation. Also I find if my body is hungry, I don't have any motivation to do anything until I've eaten. Sometimes I forget food is actually fuel! Like just today, I ate a tiny finger of watermelon and a cup of tea for 'dinner' last night and breakfast today was a small portion of melon again so by 12 o'clock I was really needing something, even if I wasn't experiencing the sensation of hunger as such. But after I ate something and putting your advice into action, I felt more energised, got showered and now I'm out on a lovely scenic walk in the sunshine.

    Unlucky depression! I win!

    I don't eat much, no. I have a history of chronic and severe anorexia and it's not like that now even though the symptoms look the same in some ways! The CMHT are making sure I don't keep losing weight. My appetite is poor due to depression.

    I hope all is as well as it can be with you! Thanks again for getting in touch!

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    All of those symptoms could be caused by depression and anxiety - in fact there's a good chance they are. BUT we're not medically trained so I'd suggest, rather than making an assumption, talk to your GP just to make sure there's no other underlying problem. And wrt your appetite and diet, have the CMHT referred you to a dietitian?
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    Hi Paula,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I used to have really bad exhaustion when the depression started and would spend days lost in sleep! Thankfully, it's not like that anymore with me but the exhaustion does still creep up.
    I also tend to over-estimate what I am able to do which leads to burn out. For example, I go from managing a part time job to taking on 50 odd hours a week and totally crashing out!! It's a habit I am trying to break, but I need to try much harder!
    I had a routine blood check and everything was fine. I take Floradix and a multivitamin everyday too.
    I was referred to a dietician two months ago, but nothing came of it. I was referred from the cmht to an eating disorder team and then straight back to the cmht so I think the dietician appointment got lost along the way! I don't have 'anorexic thoughts' and the eating disorder service didn't take me on. I am working with an occupational therapist from the CMHT setting goals around food and eating, but I'm lying to those around me making out like I am complying when I'm actually not. It's all about control with me.

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    Are you being honest with the CMHT at least?
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    I agree with Jaq - are you being honest with the CMHT? They can't help if you don't give them all the pieces of the puzzle...
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    Yes, I am being honest with them. I've told the OT I throw the supplement drinks down the sink and lie to my mother about it because I don't want to lose control and drink/eat things only because of others. I've also told them how guilty this makes me feel and that losing this weight has boosted my self-esteem. I've told them I don't have an 'anorexic voice' in my head, but I haven't told them the extent of the dark thoughts that I sometimes experience. I see someone privately for CBT who is fantastic and I've told her everything because I really trust her as I know she genuinely cares.
    There's a reluctance to bare all to the cmht. I'm afraid of the ED services taking my control away before it's totally necessary, if that makes sense? I have plans coming together for the near future and it would crush me if a stop was put to them. The cmht and my therapist and the ED team all want me to achieve these plans.

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    The thing is, following that sort of eating pattern is eventually going to show as it's not healthy. We need a minimum number of calories in order to function properly and this could be causing some of your exhaustion.
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    I know. I am 'sort of' trying, but know deep down that I should probably try a bit more really. It's difficult.
    Plus I can't really sleep lately either.

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