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Thread: Viable working alternative medication

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    Viable working alternative medication

    Hello to All,

    I had suffered from depression for over a decade, with Mirtazapine used for a few years but only as a short term treatment. I had to stop taking it because it ended up being worse than before. I have made several changes, a decent balanced diet and more exercise, gave up drinking alcohol and started using fish oil which can be good for it for a while. I then found a new treatment for it which has basically cured me of the severity of depression which is now much better than before, and can even say that I occasionally get depressed, but it is always connected to real life events rather than just feeling low for no apparent reason. The new treatment is Red Krill Oil which does contain some fish oil but in balance with the krill oil. There is no fishy aftertaste that you can get from fish oil, and you only need one pill a day of it which is easy to remember and no hassle.

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    Always check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to take it, but as a natural alternative to anti-depressants it works wonders and I have a much more balanced life now and even have time to be happy when I should be.

    Peace and Happiness.
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